Wyvern Alpha

Ship data slate

Name: Wyvern Alpha

Class: Cobra-class escort frigate

Length: approx. 1,3 km

Production Year M. 39.956

Weaponry: Main weapon: Frontal torpedoes. Secondary: 2 cannons on each side and rotating las cannon on top. Small caliber defence turrets. The ship have been modified, so that is carries less ammunition, but have more cargo space.

Captain: Captain Anrik Romulus

Crew: approx. 1000 souls

History: The Wyvern cobra-class squadron was built during the later years of the 39th millinium as a part of a larger fleet destined for a crusade in the Storm of Judgment. After that it was reassigned back to Battlefleet Ghorstangrad. Here is served in many small operations and battles until it was almost destroyed in the great battle of Volsk against a great Ork space fleet.

Only the lead vessel, Wyvern Alpha, survived thanks to the intervention of a battle cruiser, by the orders of Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak. The reason for this order have never been known.

Now it serves as a enforcer vessel and transport vessel for the Ghorstangrad conclave.

No official requisition of the ship have so far been made by battlefleet Ghorstangrad.

Important crew members:

Second in command aboard: Lieutenant Harris Pullo

Ranking Mechanicus Adept aboard: Engineseer Prazzo

Navigator: Navigator Pietror Warluskew

Astropath: Astropath Ranki

Quartermaster: Quartermaster Leikia Antista

Wyvern Alpha

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