Tarvis Secondus

Type: Agri world

Population: 1,5 billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade: Exactus Majoris

Geography: The planet is one big continent with af inner sea. All the land is flattened and made into fields, and the sea is used for huge scale fishing. The land is divided into 4 zones owned by the each of the major clans, and the inner sea is governed by a 5th clan.

Government type: Clan based. The most productive clan is awarded the title of governor.

Planatary governor: Governor Roman Drogo, the Governor of Tarvis Secondus. The governor of Tarvis Secondus. He is the leader of the Drogo clan. He has been called a great governor by many, and uses a great deal of energy on his clan keeping the title.

Adeptus presence: Low. Some Adeptus Ministorum glergy in the capitol.

Arbites presence: Low. There is a presinct in the capitol.

Military: Varies. The governor have a small standing PDF force, and the different clans have varying sizes of private forces that are available for the governor i crisis situations.

Trade: Food

Tarvis Secondus

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