Ghorstangrad Sector Data

The Ghorstangrad Sector is a fairly large Imperial sector located in the centre of Segmentum Tempestus.It consists of the following subsectors: Trakhan Reach, Volsk Nebula, Titos subsector, Hadrian Reach, Vladeks Trail and Meridius subsector.

The reason for this sector being larger than the average Imperial sector is the lack of civil unrest in the 31th Millennium that other sectors went through, when the emperor ascended the golden throne, and the great crusade was complete.

While the Primarch Roboute Guilliman fought to keep The God Emperors realm together against the spreading civil unrest, the Ghorstangrad sector stood against a tide of Greenskins. And leading mankind in the sector against the Xenos scum was General Ghorstangrad, who is now seen as the founder of the sector, and an imperial saint. Since the war was a big risk for everyone and required a lot of energy, the different subsectors did not have the resources, nor the will for an uprising.

The sector is known for its stern and pragmatic view on existence. They are often under attack from foul xenos, but the never waiver in the face of mankinds enemies. The people and the military use whatever tools fate and The Emperors will have gifted them with. From this way of life many traditions have sprung forth, such as the brutal use of psykers in the most hopeless battles and as xeno detectors, and that the most effective systems always takes priority.



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Ghorstangrad Sector Data

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