Acolyte rules and procedures

These are acolyte rules and procedures that are either sat down by the inquisition as a whole, or by Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak on behalf of the Ghorstangrad conclave.

The Rule of Orders: The acolytes are always to follow the orders given to them by their master.

If completion of orders are impossible, it is expected of the acolytes to find a suitable alternative that are in accordance with the wishes of their inquisitor.

Failer to live up to this rule will result in harsh punishment. A punishment the acolytes are expected to receive with gratitude on their minds and lips, since it teaches them a valuable lesson.

The Rules of Authority: The acolytes are to fully understand that they are to extended arm of the inquisition, and that with that comes certain responsibilities:

  • They are to represent their master to the best of their abilities. Their deeds reflect onto their master.
  • The acolytes only have the amount of authority that are bestowed upon them by their master.
  • Abuse of the acolytes given authority will result in harsh punishment.
  • The acolytes are to know their place within the imperial system. They are ranked above commen man and most adepts, but they are not the proxies of their master, they are agents and tools.
  • The acolytes are to honor all threathes and deals the Ghorstangrad conclave have with other Adeptus, Noble houses and other organisations.

The Rule of Demonic Influence: If acolytes serving the inquisition encounters or comes into physical contact with a unholy and demonic entity from the warp, then they are to report to quarantine at the nearest inquisitorial base, stronghold or space vessel, at the first given opportunity.

Here they are to remain in isolation for minimum a standard imperial month, or until the an amble authority clears them. Each day they are expected to recite prayers to The God Emperor. All their belongings with be kept in a separate quarantine.

This is done to ensure that no remnant of the unholy entity lingers in the bodies and minds of the acolytes.

The Rule of Prisoners: These are the rules for handling live prisoners, and how to transport them. The rules are based upon the level of threat to imperial sociaty that the prisoner poses.

Threat rating:

  • Minima: Do not capture. Destroy, or leave for local authority.
  • Minoris: Do not capture. Destroy, or leave for local authority.
  • Majoris: Capture and restrain. Bring back to face Holy Judgement. Use standard restraining gear, or standard psyker suppresser gear for witches.
  • Extremis: Capture and quarantine. Bring back to face Holy Judgement. Use all available tools and resources. Use extreme caution. Destroy prisoner if escape is imminent.
  • Terminus: Do not capture. Destroy and incinerate with all possible means.

The Rule of Prisoners only apply to threats of the hereticus category, like witches, traitors and heretics. Threats labeled xenos, malleus and obscuro are to be destroyed on sight.

Know that certain situation may occur that conflicts with The Rule of Prisoners. These are things as the Black Ships making claims on a prisoner, or local law demanding immediate destruction of military traitors and such. In these situations, the acolytes are to follow their orders as best they can. But they must by no means allow a prisoner of the majoris, extremis and terminus gategories go free.

Rule of Artifacts: This rule govers the basics for handling artifacts of the different sorts, that acolytes in the service of the inquisition might encounter.

The Rule of Artifacts covers the different type of artifact. But in the end, it is up to the acolytes to determine the nature of any artifact encounterede, since no complete list can exist. It is expected that the acolytes show consideration in categorising what they encounter in the correct way, and handles it thereafter.

Types and procedures:

  • Holy artifacts: Secure and bring back. Do not allow to be destroyed or fall in the wrong hands. Use all necessary means.
  • Unholy artifacts: Secure, quarantine and bring back to be locked away. Destroy if transportation is not possible, and make sure it is completely destroyed. By all means prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
  • Technological articfacts: Secure and bring back. Taks lesser priority. If SCT, use all means possible. If securing SCT is impossible, call for reinforcements.
  • Xenos artifact: If remarkable, secure and bring back for studies on xenos weakness. Else the procedure is to destroy.

If an acolytes is found wanting in following this rule, and smugles dangerous and forbidden artifact a harsh penalty will be dealt.

Thought of the day: We defend His realm, and He defends our soul"

Acolyte rules and procedures

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