Quartermaster Leikia Antista

The Quarstermaster aboard Wyvern Alpha


The female officer responsible for all practical tings abord the vessel. From making sure the captain get his drink, to making sure of medical supplies. In short she makes sure that the ship is stocked, that the food will last and that everything happens as it should.

Wears the uniform of a naval officer, but only loosely and without the trappings, since she always is on the move within the ship.

He brown hair is always cut short.


Leikia have been serving on many ships before getting transferred. She had a habbit of disagreeing with junior officers, and getting into trouble. But many captains know that a good quartermaster should not be wasted, so she have been shifted around alot.

Now she is on Wyvern Alpha, where there have been no problems so far. Maybe its because both Captain Anrik Romulus and Lieutenant Harris are decent officers, or maybe it the change of top leadership. Nothing is known for sure.

Quartermaster Leikia Antista

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