Navigator Pietror Warluskew

The navigator aboard Wyvern Alpha


A well dressed young man dressed in the expensive glothing of the Warluskew navigator house.

He walks with the swagger of a man that knows his own value aboard a warp traveling vessel of the navy. And is always seen with all the trappings of his house, amongst these is House Warluskews traditional boarding saber.

Wears the traditional bandanna in front of his third eye.


Pietror is one of the younger members of House Warluskew, and his station aboard the Wyvern Alpha is one of his first.

He have only been part of the grew for a couple of the jumps, and have not yet found his place in the social hieraki.

As the son of one of the greatest navigator houses in the Ghorstangrad sector he has the backing of a politically powerful family.

Navigator Pietror Warluskew

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