Magos Siragi

A Mechanicus magos working for Lord Pendrak


Magos Siragi looks like whats to be expected of a high ranking tech priest. Not much of her flesh can be seen. Her face is covered en lences, a breather and a voice grill. Her body is always cowered in the rust red robes of the prieshood of Mars, and a jumble of cables, wires and small probes extend from the few openings there are.

People will have a hard time knowing her gender from looking at her, since har torse is large and bulky to facilitate large data banks.

She handles everything technological problem or data on tech heresies the acolyte squads may encounter, and can both be counted on to provide useful data (within limit of Martian law) and safegaurd dangerous tech relics.


Magos Siragi is originaly from Ankarak Primus, and was sent to serve Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrakas a gesture of good will between the inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus in the Ghorstangrad sector.

Her fields of expertise are wast, and she specialises in storing and analysing data. She has ekstensive knowlegde on weapons, star ships and communication devices, but can also work and analyse other fields of technology.

Magos Siragi

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