Diviner Mozel

Lord Pendrak's personal sactioned psyker


Mozel always sticks out. He have a cold air around him, and people usually goes to great lengths not to stand next to him. Just like they do any other psyker.

He wears expensive midnight blue robes festooned with charms and holy symbols. He is followed by a high pitched mechanical noise whenever he wals. This is due to the servo joints on both his legs. And when one looks closely, he does not look like a man capable of moving under his own power. His always wears a face covering psyker helmet, and eventhough his eyes are shielded he always knows where he is going.

He supportes himself with a large gold and silver force staff, bearing the throne and aquila symbols.

He serves Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrakin all matters of divining and matters of the warp. He often interprets the Emperors tarrot on behalf of both the lord inquisitor and other members of the cabal. He has even been known to do it for acolytes ones in a while.


No date on Diviner Mozel i available prior to him serving with Lord Pendrak. Chances are a psyker of his ranks came from Holy Terra, and before that the black ships.

Almost all his mission for the inquisition is stamped a Extreme secrets under penalty of death.

Diviner Mozel

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