Captain Anrik Romulus

Captain of the escort frigate Wyvern Alpha


An aged navy captain.

He always wears his great naval Jacket over his captains uniform, and is always dressed and outfittet with alle the traditional trappings belonging to a ships captain, such as the saber, rank markers and so forth.

His right leg was blown off a long time ago, so this is now a mechandrite leg.


Captain Romulus is a captain of the old school. Be was born into the officer ranks of Battlefleet Ghorstangrad, and he plans of dying aboard his vessel.

He owes his life and the continued existence of his ship to Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak. This occured during a space battle against the rebel world og Antinoc Primus. Where the rest of the escort ships of the wyvern squadron was destroyed, but due to the involvement of Lord Pendrak Wyvern Alpha was saved.

He has sworn his life and ship to Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak, and this have not been disbuted by the Battlefleet Ghorstangrad.

But eventhough he serves the inquisition he still commands total respect aboard his vessel. He acts on orders from the cabal and Battlefleet Ghorstangrad, and nothing more.

Captain Anrik Romulus

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