Astropath Ranki

The astropath aboard Wyvern Alpha


Ranki appears as would be expected from a astropath. He his a small and weak man that dresses in fine, but plain, looking robes. And always wears a fevered expression on his face.

He spend most of his time in his shelterede chamber, and as all astropaths most of his communication goes through the navigator.

He interprets the signals and messages going through the warp by the means of The Emperors tarrot.


No data of Ranki exists prior to him being delivered to Terra by the black ships. Soon aften his training was done he was assigned to Battlefleet Ghorstangrad, and from here to be main astropath of Wyvern squadron.

Officially he is still the property of Battlefleet Ghorstangrad, but now he works for Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak.

Astropath Ranki

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