Krell Gorallnik

A softspoken and unassuming young man, rather non-descript and unremarkable, Krell easily fades onto the background. When idle or at rest, his fingers are often nimbly playing with an empty bullet cartridge hanging from a string around his neck.


Human Hiveworld born. career: assassin xp spent: 1200

Characteristics: ws: 30 bs: 45 s: 30 t: 30 Ag: 40 Int: 30 Per: 34 WP: 28 Fel: 32

Talents: Melee weapontraining(primitive), Unremarkable, Pistol training(las,sp), basic weapon training(sp)

(from hiveworld) Wary, Hivebound, Caves of Steel, accustomed to crowds

(xp spent) sound constitution II, Mighty shot, Heightened senses (sight,hearing)

Trained skills: Awareness, Concealment, Silent move, Inquiry, Dodge+10

Wounds:13 Fate points:2

Gear: Hunting rifle(telescopic sight,melee attachment(mono)), Sword(mono), Dagger, Laspistol(compact), “Marion”(name of his handcannon)(Silenced,red laser sight,fire selector)


Krell Gorallnik grew up on a hiveworld named Krakatau II, which was much like growing up on any other hiveworld. Dirty, crowded and dangerous. Still, Krell counted himself lucky not to be born and having to live in the bottom of his sector, a place from which crime and violence spilled out without discrimination. Not even the meager Arbiter presense in his sector ever went down there willingly, and a young boy had to learn to protect himself if he wanted to survive. Krell found succor and relief in the sermons of the clergy, an event which he found every opportunity to attend, though they were few and far between for the ordinary workingclass man. When his farther died, Krell was around the age of 14, and he found further comfort in the Imperial Truth. He was now the man of the house, not that it meant much, but still he gathered up his farthers effects, and continued to work to help feed his mother Marion and his sister Ignacion. He was overjoyed when he learned three years later, that an Imperium flotilla had gone into orbit around Krakatau II, he was awestruck when he heard that an Imperium force had been stationed to reaffirm Imperial Truth, and horrified when he learned six months later, that his mother and sister was wanted for treason and heresy. The first reaction was sorrow and despair, his second reaction was anger and frustration, and the third reaction was blinding fear. There went his hopes of joining the Imperial Navy, his escape from his dreary life and the hellhole of Krakatau II, and even worse he might even be put on trial by association! Something snapped in Krells mind that day, and he proceded to camly inform the Navy where his mother and sister were living. They begged and pleaded for him to listen to reason, and to let them go. When his mother tried to escape, he shot her through the back with his farthers pistol, and a few days later he attended his sisters execution. Krell was whisked away by the navy that very day.

Krell still considers himself to be a man of faith, but in all honesty, he is far from it. His own fear and ambition drives him onward, and devout belief has become something akin to lip-service for him, a dogma more than an actual faith. His first religious action, the killing of his mother and execution of his sister, was an reaction of fear, and that very fear has stayed with him and kept him from finding true faith.

Krell Gorallnik

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