In Service of the God Emperor

Mission 01

Operation: Old Nemesis

Date: M. 41. 355

From: Inquisitor Lord Varen Pendrak, Lord Inquisitor of Ordo Hereticus, The Emperors Holy Inquisition. Leader of the Ghorstangrad conclave.

To: Acolyte platoon Wyvern

  • Travel to the Travis system, subsector Trakhan Reach, Ghortangrad Sector, Segmentum Tempestus.
  • Ascertain the location of the renegade psyker known as Hestatian.
  • Bring him back alive to Ghorstangrad Majoris to face the Emperors Holy Justice.
  • If third objective is impossible, make sure target is silenced and completely destroyed

Subsector data: Refer to sector data slate for more detailed information on the Tarvis system.

Subsector status: A xenos incursion has been spotted in the outskirts of the Tarvus system. The xenos have been identified as an Ork attack on Imperial space. Some Imperial Guard regiments have been sent to deal with the threat. But further analysis of the Ork horde suggests that it cannot be totally destroyed with the forces on their way. Therefore segmentum command has altered the orders. The IG regiments are to hold and defend the most important parts of the system. Segmentum command has dictated that Tarvis Secondus holds most strategic value for The Imperium, and therefore must be defended. The Spaceport on Tarvis Primus comes second. Everything else is deemed expendable. The IG operation is called “Aegis Potrinas”. The 88th Talarn and 112th Ghorstangrad have been assigned to defend the capitol of Tarvis Secondus. Both of the regiments consists mainly of seasoned troops, but are not at full strength. The newly created 145th Ghorstengrad have been assigned to defend the spaceport of Tarvis Primus. They have been given order to hold the port long enough for all nobles to escape, in case the planet is overrun, and then to die defending it against the foul xenos. From the fleet there are some ships in the subsector. The cruiser Wrath of Ghorstangrad, and the two light cruisers Nostromo and Crimson Dawn.

Notes on the target: Hestatian is a renegade psyker of considerable power. He escaped Lord Pendrak in M.41.318 by blowing up a mining plant during the hunt for him. He hid on Vladek VII, a developing world, with restricted Promethium plants. He made the locals believe he was a messenger from the Holy Father and that they should rise up and demand their right on the promethium. When he was discovered his cultists fought to the death, and he gladly blew up all traces after him. The target is to be considered a Hereticus Majoris threat. He is a powerful renegade psyker, and a persuasive man in large crowds, and he is known for using unholy powers of mind control. He is known for surrounding himself with low threat cultists that he can sacrifice in problematic situations. The target is to be considered a wicked and heretical individual, that only have corruption and destruction of imperial citizens on his unholy mind.

Notes on the mission: The goal is, as written, to capture the target with the standard psyker subpression kit, and bring him back to face Holy Justice. Is this not possible in any way, then target is to be shot twice in the head, dismembered and burned to ashes. If possible the ashes are to be brought back.

End mission briefing

Thought of the day: “Ignorance is no excuse for heresy”

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